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  1. [09TH NOV] PerthStreetScene Show And Shine
  2. [16TH NOV] CCCWA Nav Run
  3. [21ST NOV] Friday Night Cruise
  4. [15th Nov] Cruise City West 9:30
  5. [28th NOV] Friday night cruise
  6. [13th DEC] Skidpan $10 entry
  7. [29TH NOV] Sat Night
  8. [20TH DEC] Xmas Lights Cruise
  9. Cruise Tonight - Wed 3rd December
  10. [05th DEC] Cruise tonight
  11. [06TH DEC] Sat Any Cruises On?
  12. [11th Jan] PSS Bikini Car Wash
  13. [14th Dec] anybody keen on a coastal drive?
  14. [19TH DEC] Friday Night Cruise
  15. [23rd Dec] Tuesday evening cruise
  16. [22nd Dec] Mystery Monday(Tonight) Kwinana Motorplex
  17. [27th Dec] Saturday VN/VP cruise!!
  18. [Tonight - 27 Dec] - Hills run.. no muppets
  19. [10th Jan 2009] Performance Car Cruise
  20. [28TH DEC] Sunday Cruise
  21. [28TH DEC] sunday night cruise
  22. [2nd January] Friday Night Cruise
  23. [3rd Jan] Saturday Night Cruise
  24. [11th Jan] Sunday Coastal Cruise
  25. [17TH Jan] Saturday Arvo Coastal Cruise
  26. [07TH MAR] Saturday Auto Trader WADRIFT Show & Shine Competition
  27. [08TH OCT] Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday - POWERCRUISE 09
  28. [24th Jan] Sat nite Cruise
  29. [31ST JAN] Saturday Night Cruise
  30. [06TH FEB] Friday Night Cruise
  31. [22ND MAR] Sunday Adrian Lee (4MY SON) Memorial Cruise...
  32. [08TH FEB] Sunday Offroad Day
  33. [14TH FEB] Saturday Big Al's Poker Run
  34. [1ST MARCH] Italian car & bike day
  35. [20th Feb] Victorian Bushfire Fundraiser Cruise
  36. [13th Feb] Ridin Dirrrrrrrrrrrty Cruise
  37. [15TH MAY] Friday, Saturday & Sunday - Performance, Street & Race Motorshow Burswood
  38. [15th Mar] Tech 9 Tyres and Perth Street Scene Show and Shine / Bikini Wash.
  39. [1st March] Sunday VB-VS Commodores cruise
  40. [28th Feb] Uncle Mick's Long Weekend Boredom Killer
  41. [1st March] Cruise
  42. [6th March] Friday Cruise
  43. [7TH MAR] Saturday Nightcruisers Cruise
  44. [7TH MAR] Saturday SAU Cruise
  45. [13th MAR] Any Cruises Fri Night
  46. [13th Mar] Stolen From P-Wrx
  47. [14th March] Sat Nite Cruise
  48. [21st Mar] Night Cruizerz 1st year cruise
  49. [20th MARCH] Friday Night Cruise
  50. [19th April] Lancelin MX/ATV off-road day
  51. [11th April] AHG Skidpan Day
  52. [4TH April] Not For The Faint Hearted Performance Car Cruise
  53. [27th Mar] Friday Nite Cruise
  54. [29th March] gerrin's coastal cruise
  55. [29th March] MX/ATV riding at the Pines
  56. [28th March] Sat Nite Cruise
  57. [15th April] PSS Presents Fast and Furious 4 Preview Screening
  58. [02ND MAY] FINAL WADIRFT Show & Shine Competition
  59. [10th April] Friday Nite Cruise
  60. [11TH APRIL] Easter Saturday Performance Car Night Cruise
  61. [12th April] Sunday Late Night Cruise
  63. [17th April] Friday Nite Cruise
  64. [18th April] Some CityWest Cruise
  65. [02ND MAY] PSS Presents: Miss WA Drift
  66. [28TH APR] PSS Presents: X-Men Origins: Wolverine Preview Screening
  67. [16TH MAY] Saturday - PSS Presents: Daylight Savings Referendum Quiz Night
  68. [17TH MAY] Sunday - REXPO 2009 Barbagallo Raceway
  69. [16TH MAY] Saturday - EPIC PARTY
  70. [24th April] Cruise Tonight
  71. [25TH APR] West Coast Commodores Charity Cruise
  72. [26th April] Sunday Night, anything on?
  73. Malaga Auto Pro Superstore Holden Vs Ford Car Show
  74. [2ND MAY] Saturday Any Cruises On?
  75. Pinch and punch Cruise
  76. [8th May 09] Friday Open Cruise
  77. [16th May] Any cruises on?
  78. Last nights Crash.....
  79. [22ND MAY] Friday - National Breast Cancer Foundation Cruise
  80. [23rd MAY] Saturday Cruise, taken from some site
  81. [29th May] Friday Nite Cruise
  82. [30TH MAY] Saturday Carnal Cruise
  83. [31st May] Sunday Nite Cruise
  84. [6TH JUN] Saturday Triple-D Cruise
  85. [5th June] Friday Nite Cruise
  86. [10TH JUN] Any Cruises on tonight?
  87. [13TH JUN] Saturday Performance Cruise
  88. [june 12] friday night, anything on?
  89. [27th june] Saturday Triple-d cruise
  90. [3rd July] Friday Nite Cruise
  91. [4th July] Saturday Night Cruise
  92. [10TH JUL] Friday Performance Cruise
  93. [18th july] triple-d
  94. [17th JULY] Anything on tonight?
  95. [25TH JULY] Casual Saturday Night Cruise
  96. [24th July] Formal Friday Night Cruise
  97. [31st July] Friday Nite Cruise
  98. [2nd August] Sunday Day Cruise
  99. [1ST Aug] Saturday Night Cruise
  100. [8TH AUG] Performance Cruise
  102. [9TH AUG] Sunday Night Cruise
  103. [15th August] Saturday night cruise
  104. [22ND AUG] Saturday Triple-D Cruise
  106. [06TH SEP] Sunday 3rd Annual Peter Brock Tribute Day Cruise
  107. [05TH DEC] Saturday Show and Shine 09
  109. [04TH SEP] Friday Night Cruise
  110. [05TH SEP] Antilag 21 Re-Run
  111. [05TH SEP] There's nothing else on, and I want something to do Cruise.
  112. [06 sept]Sunday night cruise i.e. tonight
  113. [12th sept] saturday Triple-d
  114. [11th Sept] Some "Game Cruise" Thingo...
  115. any cruises tonight??
  116. [15TH DEC] Monsta Torque/Total Construction Motorplex Private Track Day
  117. [16 Sept] Whoop Ass Wednesday
  118. [17TH OCT] - WTFauto have moved, BBQ at new workshop
  119. [19TH SEP] - Saturday Night Cruise
  120. Cruise [Friday 25th Sept] BoXi is a dumb kunt
  121. [26th Sept] Night Cruise
  122. [3rd Oct] Saturday Rebecca Ball Fundraiser Cruise
  123. [2ND OCT] Friday Night Cruise
  124. [13TH/14TH NOV] Friday/Saturday Drag Meets
  125. [30TH OCT] Friday "Making A Difference" (M.A.D) Quiz Night
  126. [Cruise 16 oct Burswood Tennis Centre 9:30]
  127. [17 OCT] Saturday, anything on tonight?
  128. [25th Oct] PSS Super Cruise
  129. Sunday 25th oct: anyone keen for a day offroad ?
  130. [31ST OCT] Saturday Midnight Run Albany To Esperance
  131. [30th oct] tonight cruise
  132. [31st Oct] Saturday Night Cruise
  133. [04TH DEC] Friday Night Cruise & BBQ
  134. [06TH NOV] Friday Night Casual Cruise
  135. [7th Nov] Sat Nite Cruise
  136. [13th Nov] Triple-D Cruise
  137. [13 NOV] Casual EOI Cruise
  139. [03RD DEC] Craid Dyson Tunes.
  140. [20TH NOV] - Friday Night Performance Cruise
  141. [21ST NOV] Saturday Cruise
  142. [25TH NOV] Woop-ass-wednesday
  143. [27th Nov] friday night Cruise
  144. [04TH DEC] Crossroads Cruise
  145. [28TH NOV] Sat Nite Cruise
  146. [5TH/6TH DEC] EOI 4X4 Trip W/E NOR
  147. [11TH DEC] R32 Skyline Club Cruise
  148. [5th DEC] Sat Night Cruise
  149. EOI: 6th Dec. Sunday Coastal Cruise.
  150. [12TH DEC] Saturday Driver Training - Double Skidpan
  151. [12TH DEC] - Saturday Bikini Car Wash
  152. Cruise tonight[12 dec ]
  153. [13TH DEC] Sunday Coastal Run
  154. [18th DEC] Friday Late Night Cruise
  155. tonight.... cruise... or not to cruise... this is my question
  156. Saturday [19 Dec] Tonight
  157. [26TH DEC] Saturday Triple D Charity Cruise
  158. [25TH DEC] EOI bored on xmas cruise.
  159. [26TH DEC] Stab And Punch Cruise
  160. [27th Dec] Canktacular night cruise
  161. [1ST JAN] Friday First Cruise For 2010
  162. [9TH JAN] Saturday Toodyay Bushfire Fundraiser Cruise
  163. 2-01-10 late night cruise
  165. Motorvation 2010 Photos, Vids - some nsfw
  166. Motorvation 2010 Discussion, Results.
  167. [30TH JAN] Saturday Performance Cars Only Cruise
  168. [31ST JAN] Sunday Open "Toyota only" Day Cruise
  169. [22ND JAN] Friday Performance Cars Only Cruise
  170. [22ND JAN] Friday Rydin Diirty Cruise
  171. [28TH FEB] Sunday WCC Amazing Race Themed Cruise
  172. [5th Feb] Friday Nite Cruise
  173. [7th FEB] COASTAL RUN
  174. [12FEB] Friday Perth Rota Night Cruise
  175. E.O.I tonight
  176. [Sat 13th Feb tonight ] cruise
  177. [6th MAR] I'm back from NZ and I wanna cruise.
  178. photo shoot tonight, 16th feb
  179. AutoX show - may 1/2
  180. saturday night cruise
  181. Collie Gazznats 2010
  182. [24TH FEB] Whoop ass Wednesday
  183. [26TH MAY] Wednesday Monsta Torque/Total Construction Motorplex Private Track Day V2
  185. [27th Feb] Saturday dyno day @ kostecki
  186. [27th Feb] Tonight
  187. [28TH FEB] CRUISE
  188. [1st March] coastal cruise
  189. [27TH MARCH] Saturday Dyno Day
  190. [13th March] Cruise
  191. [28th March] R32 Skyline Club Cruise
  193. [14th march] another sunday coastal drive n shit
  194. [19th MAR] Friday Nite Cruise
  195. PSS Bikini Carwash
  196. [20th March] Saturday Night Performance Cruise
  197. [21TH MARCH] Sunday Coastal cruise to PSS Bikini Car Wash
  198. [21st March] coastal n shit
  199. [27TH MARCH] AHG Skidpan
  200. [27th cruise tonite] uncle micks
  201. [28th March] Sunday Cruise
  202. Drinks, Dancing and DP!!!!!!!!
  203. [10th of April] Show N Shine - Barbagallo Raceway
  204. [2nd April] Good Friday Blat
  205. Who's keen to get their quad out?
  206. [ 4th April ] Sunday Night
  207. [4th april] sunday lunchtime coastal drive
  208. [10th APRIL] Saturday Night Cruise
  209. [April 10th] Drift WA series final @ barbagallo raceway.
  210. [9th APRIL] Friday night
  211. [11th April] late arvo drive
  212. [16TH MAY] Sunday R32 Skyline Club RAC Arvo
  213. [1ST MAY] Saturday AHG/RAC Skid Pan
  214. [23RD APR] Friday General Car Cruise
  215. [24TH APR] Saturday Night Cruise
  216. [22ND APR] Tonight No Limits Track Night @ Barbs - Some Places Available
  217. [24th april] Late night cruise
  218. Cruise [ April 25th ] Tonight
  219. Monday 26th: Coastal Cruise
  220. [2ND MAY] Day Time Coastal Cruise
  221. [April 30th] Cruise Tonight
  222. [9th May] Sunday Day Cruise
  223. [7th May] Cruise Tonight
  224. [9th may] short notice drive
  225. [14th May] Friday Night Cruise
  226. [15 MAY 2010] Saturday - Biggest Dyno Day
  227. [16 MAY 10] - Sunday - Coastal Run
  228. Coconut Run 3 - Coconut Photography
  229. Workshop needed for photo shoot! Sat 22nd May
  230. [26th May] Woop ass Wednesdays final night of the season
  231. 30th May Sunday Coastal Cruise
  232. [6th June] Sunday cruise... 3pm meet @ munchies
  233. [7th June] Monday cruise
  234. [12th June] Sat Nite Cruise
  235. [13th June] Sunday Coastal Run
  236. Scavenger Hunt Cruise 25-6-2010
  237. [Saturday 19th June] Cruise
  238. [20th June] coastal cruise
  239. 26th june
  240. [3rd July] sat night cruise
  241. [8TH AUG] Sunday Country Cruise
  242. 10th July 4wd flex comp
  243. [5TH SEP] Sunday Spina Bifida Association Fair & Show N Shine
  244. [sat 17th] performance cruise
  245. Sunday [18th July] Coastal Cruise
  246. [30TH SEP] Thursday Pre Powercruise/MotiveDVD meet
  247. [31st July] Sat nite cruise
  248. [14TH AUG] Saturday 4-Door Old School Nissan Cruise
  249. [14th Aug] Saturday Night Cruise !
  250. [Saturday 21 Aug] Cruise