View Full Version : looking to buy a dmax MY12-MY14 - know of any?

16-10-2015, 08:29 PM
currently in darwin where everything is stupidly expensive...
coming down to perth next weekend for a few days and im thinking of buying a second hand dmax while down there and then driving it back

i only have access to whats for sale on the net, and there doesnt seem to be much, other than the usual new cars from dealerships.

im kinda chasing something like this:

and i will fly to the other side of the country to go buy this one if i cant find something while in WA, but id prefer to do the drive back from WA as i havent done it before, plus im there already.

my question is, has anyone seen one for sale privately thats kinda set up to go driving?
i dont mind even sourcing a canopy etc while im in perth before i leave, but im not keen on dropping $40k on a new car then another $10k fitting it out.
MY12 - MY14 (new shape), 4x4, 4 doors, and a tray preferably is what im after. prefer LS-M or LS-U over SX unless its really kitted out

any help sourcing some to look at would be appreciate :)

16-10-2015, 10:31 PM
If you are financing I'm happy to hunt around for a car for you next week and even have a look at it for you.

Shoot me a p.m. If you're interested and I can see what I can do

17-10-2015, 02:52 PM
Good choice. In my opinion, the toughest out of all the utes.